Did you know that the Blue Mountains is full of places for an adventurous pup to explore? Many people don’t! I wrote Hiking Mount Kobe to share the magic of the Blue Mountains and encourage more humans to bring their dogs to visit. Whether you’re a lazy-amble-around-the-lake kind of dog or more of thrill-seeker, whether you like the dry mountain air or lush rain forests, there is something here for every dog. Check out Hiking Mount Kobe for 45 of my favourite adventures in the Blue Mountains, spanning the base of the mountains all the way to the western edge.

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If you live too far away to visit the Blue Mountains in person, or are rather averse to exercise, you can still come Hiking Mount Kobe with me vicariously, with our new collection of I Hiked Mount Kobe custom jigsaw puzzles! Send us your own photo and we will add it to one of our special images to make you a special custom puzzle. Our puzzle range also includes our Kobe Kube collection – twisty puzzles featuring images of Blue Mountains landmarks, guaranteed to test your skills!

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