Kompanion Kotes

Introducing our Kotes by Kobe Kompanion range: matching outfits for pups and the special human in their lives!

When I started Kotes by Kobe, I only wanted to keep my fellow puppers warm and never imagined I would make products for humans one day. But after getting so much feedback from the human companions of our doggy customers that they would love to have something made from our special yarns and fabrics for themselves, I decided it was worth a go!

Puffer range

Our Kompanion range of dog-walking puffer vests is designed to match the Puffer Kote range for dogs. The outer shell is made from the same waterproof material so humans can stay just as dry as their pups, and they are stuffed with our same special blend of dog fur and sheep wool to keep the humans just as toasty.


From the bone-shaped buckles to the signature gold accessories, the detail in the human and dog jackets are inextricably linked – just like the precious bond between pup and human. Why should your dog be the best dressed in the dog park when you can join in on the fun?

Coordinate your colours, or mix and match as a family!

Kobes&Mags Skarf

Our Kobes&Mags range is one of our limited edition products, made from a special yarn containing fur from me and my litter-mate brother Magnus! This is my favourite range because I’ve literally given the coat off my back. A few sheep and alpacas have also contributed to this collection, as fibre from both is blended with our Pyrenean Mountain Dog fur and a bit of nylon before it’s all spun into yarn. ┬áThe yarn is then twisted with a supersoft blue merino to make a chunky knit that will keep pups and humans warm in all seasons.

The human scarf is modelled on the loop style and features the same Kotes by Kobe accessories as our dog scarves. With a wider design and a longer end on the tassel to accommodate the human wearer, the scarf can be paired with either a casual or dressy outfit – but most importantly, it should be paired with the Kobes&Mags dog scarf.