All of our knit products are made from our exclusive wool, Woof Wool, spun from fur from longer-haired pups like me. Our Mally Knit yarn features a blend of Alaskan Malamute fur, merino and Corriedale wool, and a bit of nylon for durability. Our Kobes&Mags is even more special, because it’s made with fur from me and my litter-mate brother Magnus! A few sheep and alpacas have also contributed to this collection, as fibre from both is blended with our Pyrenean Mountain Dog fur and a bit of nylon before it’s all spun into yarn.

Some of our yarns are natural (the colour comes from the colouring of the dogs/sheep/alpacas the fibre comes from), while others are dyed. We also have limited edition yarns made from floof donated from individual dogs whose spirit of generosity embody the Kotes by Kobe brand. We can safely say that all our yarns are the only one of their kind in the world.