The making of a Kote

Apart from being the Ko-Owner, I also wear a different hat as Director of Garments, or DoG for short, and oversee production.

Each Kotes by Kobe product is a labour of love, beginning with the collection of fur donated by many kind puppers around the world. Fur from short-haired pups gets made into lining for parka-style puffer jackets, while longer fur gets blended with other natural fibres and spun into yarn for our knit range.

The Puffer Range

Fur from short-haired pups is blended with wool to make lining for our Puffer Kote range. The custom blend is first processed into batts, which gives the jackets their fluffiness and warmth. The batts are then inserted into a waterproof polyester fabric to keep your pup dry in all conditions.

We now make Puffer Kotes for human companions! Check out our range of dog-walking puffer vests designed to match the dog jackets. Be the most stylish pair at the dog park.

The Knit Range

Fur from longer-haired pups like me is spun into yarn for knit products. Our Mally Knit yarn features a blend of Alaskan Malamute fur, merino and Corriedale wool, and a bit of nylon for durability. We also have limited edition yarns made from floof donated from individual dogs whose spirit of generosity embody the Kotes by Kobe brand.

The dog fur first goes through a process called top-making, where it gets blended with other fibres such as sheep wool or alpaca fibre. The tops are then spun into yarn for knitting.

Some of our yarns are natural (the colour comes from the colouring of the dogs/sheep/alpacas the fibre comes from), while others are dyed. We can safely say that all our yarns are the only one of their kind in the world.