Kristmas spirit

If I had to pick a favourite time of year, I reckon it would be Christmas. Not because of the parties and feasts and presents that change paws this time of year (well, not just because of that). I like the spirit of Christmas, a time of thinking of others and of giving, whether to one’s own loved ones or to the broader community. It’s a time when those who are fortunate enough to be able to give make a more conscious effort to think about those who are not.

The Christmas spirit reminds me of why I started Kotes by Kobe, promoting a philosophy where puppers who are blessed with long shaggy coats can help to keep their shorter-haired brethren warm. So often you hear about what is lacking in the world – not enough money, not enough to eat or drink, possibly not enough squeaky toys. If what one lacks is enough fur to stay warm, then surely those who have more than enough should share their abundance.

There’s another part of Christmas that reflects why I have my business. Many of us live in wasteful societies where things are discarded long before they’ve outlasted their utility. I try to reduce the impact of this by picking food scraps up from the ground that others have dropped, but strangely this makes mum cross. By reusing discarded dog fur to make clothing for other dogs, we’re just doing our small part to reduce waste in the world.

Compassion and sustainability shouldn’t be seasonal – it’s what we should practice year-round. But if it takes a special occasion such as Christmas to nudge us in the right direction, I’m not complaining.

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