Navy Mally Knit Kardigan

AU$ 109.99AU$ 124.99

Smart casual dress code isn’t just for humans! Our Mally Knit Kardigan blends understated luxury with comfort and is perfect for any setting, whether it’s an evening stroll through the park, a more formal occasion or simply lounging around the house. The Kardigan is knit with our own Mally yarn, made from Alaskan Malamute fur, merino and Corriedale wool, and nylon. Wear it on its own, layer it with an undershirt or pair it with one of our Mally Knit dog scarves!

The Mally Knit Kardigan is available in five sizes: XXS, XS, S, M and L. Prices range from AU$109.99 to AU$124.99, including free shipping within Australia.


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