Oso Merry Kristmas Skarf

AU$ 34.99

The Oso Merry Kristmas Skarf is knit from our very own specialty yarn blend featuring Pyrenean Mountain Dog fur, brown merino and Corriedale wool, Elf Green merino, and a touch of nylon. We are so happy to be able to name this scarf after our friend Oso, who generously donated the fur for the yarn! The scarf has the same Kotes by Kobe leather tag that features on all our knit products and a special Christmas button. While undoubtedly festive, its classic colours and design mean your pup will want to wear all winter long.

The Oso Merry Kristmas Skarf is available in four sizes: S, M, L and XL, and prices range from AU$54.99 to AU$59.99.

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