Brown Mally Knit Skarf

AU$ 44.99AU$ 49.99

The Mally Knit Skarf is knit from the same luxurious yarn as our Mally Knit Kotes, a custom blend of Alaskan Malamute fur, merino and Corriedale wool, plus a touch of nylon for added durability. Each scarf is adorned with the signature Kotes by Kobe accessories, and is easily adjustable to fit the size of your dog’s neck. Whether to ward off a chill, or simply worn as a fashion statement, these scarves are a perfect addition to the discerning pupper’s wardrobe.

The Mally Knit Skarf is available in four sizes: S, M, L and XL. Prices range from AU$44.99 to AU$49.99.


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