Jigsaw – Chasing Waterfalls

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Location: Fairy Falls, Lawson

The waterfalls are worth chasing on Mount Kobe! Come for a splash with me, with our I Hiked Mount Kobe Chasing Waterfalls custom jigsaw puzzle. Send us a photo of yourself or your family, and we will add them to this image and make you a custom jigsaw of us all enjoying the cool spray of Fairy Falls together. This puzzle is suitable for personalising with both humans and/or canines – and even creatures of other persuasions!

Each jigsaw puzzle contains 252 pieces printed on a hard cardboard and measures 28 x 38.5 cm when completed. Your puzzle set includes a special zipped pouch for storing the pieces and a large colour poster of your custom image to assist you with assembly.

Please note that while we will generally add your photo to where the positional arrows are located in the website image, depending on the photo provided we may need to place it in a different spot on the puzzle.

After your order is processed, we will provide you with an email address for sending in your photo as well as some basic guidelines on how to take or choose the most suitable photo for this puzzle.

Your custom jigsaw will take approximately 10-14 business days (from the time you send in your photo) to be made, so please add this to our standard shipping times when deciding when to place your order.

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