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Save money with our bundle package of a tea towel plus a copy of How To Eat Like A Kobe, and you can find out How To Clean Like A Kobe!

How To Eat Like A Kobe features 50 of Kobe’s favourite foods, compiled from many years of eating with great gusto. From dinner recipes to snack recipes, from soups to meatballs to baked goods, from sensible meals to party fare, How To Eat Like A Kobe is what a dog’s belly dreams of. In fact, some of the recipes are so tasty that a dog’s human may even steal a bite, and every recipe includes a Share-O-Metre to rate how enjoyable the recipe is likely to be to a human!

While filling dog bellies with good food is the primary aim of our cookbook, we also have a more serious objective – to help reduce food waste in Australia. For every copy of How To Eat Like A Kobe sold, we will donate 10% of the sale price to OzHarvest. OzHarvest is Australia’s leading food rescue organisation, collecting quality surplus food every day from a network of donors such as supermarkets, restaurants and other food businesses and delivering it to charities that feed those in need. Every $1 they receive can deliver two meals, and we are proud to support their mission to stop good food going to waste.

Measuring 50 by 70 cm, our tea towels are made from premium 100% cotton and are printed in Australia.

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